• SAY WHAT? WH Didn’t Invite FBI Head To Terror Summit

    In an act of utter disregard to the growing terror threat of ISIS, White House Spokesman Josh Earnest responded to a reporter’s question about why the Obama administration didn’t invite FBI director James Comey to the three-day summit for “Countering Violent Extremism” by claiming that they didn’t want a perception that the White House was focused on law enforcement tactics.

    “We had the nation’s top law enforcement official [Eric Holder] in attendance,” Earnest said. “The focus was on a broader set of tools that are available to communities across the country,” he added.

    Eric Holder is on his way out, keep in mind.

    ABC White House Correspondent Jonathan Karl was not impressed by the answer and pushed Earnest: “You have a summit on countering violent extremism and you don’t invite the lead official on countering violent extremism?”

    Earnest responded with near laughter that they had invited his (Comey’s) boss.

    “But you did have the head of the Russian security service there, you don’t think it’s weird to have the successor to the KGB at this meeting and not the FBI director?” Karl asked.

    Earnest, dodging the question, answered that the invitation was sent to the country and whom the Russian government chose to represent them at the summit was out of their control.

    It’s no secret that the main focus of this summit wasn’t to protect Americans from the growing threat of a terror organization that is consistently wreaking havoc across the world, despite the fact that the President has asked Congress for military action against ISIS. Instead, the Summit was put in place to continue to turn a blind eye to the growing threat of Islamic extremism.

    Watch Earnest’s inexplicable remarks above.

    Matt Schuck

    Staff Writer

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