• Senator McCain, You’re Wrong About ‘Boots On The Ground’

    Sen. John McCain speaks for a growing number of individuals who believe that the only way to defeat ISIL is with American boots on the ground in Iraq in Syria. I think that conventional ground forces are not the answer to defeat ISIL. We heard last week another alternative: what we need to do is find jobs for all the terrorists, hardly realistic, especially when the president thinks we have been too intrusive in the way foreign governments operate their countries.

    We must take a fresh look at what’s going on and how we can affect the outcome in the Middle East. If we can come up with an alternative then we can destroy the terrorists and bring stability to the Middle East. It all begins with oil and the flow of money from oil.  The president is correct in one sense that the economies of the Middle Eastern nations away from the oil are almost nonexistent.  The terrorists are not employed, but are supported by the Middle Eastern nations and wealthy individuals, through their oil revenues.

    So the governments and the terrorist organizations are dependent upon oil revenues for survival. The dramatic decline in crude oil prices will, if they continue around the current price, put pressure on the ability of the governments to continue to support their people and terrorists.  OPEC decision on Thanksgiving Day to keep production levels at the current level was a conscious decision to try and influence Energy exploration and the development of resources that would make America and Canada energy independent.

    Some of the OPEC nations are already feeling the impact of the decline in oil revenue, so much so that they are already spending some of there sovereign wealth funds to fund their nation. The longer oil prices stay down the greater the pressure will build on the funding sources of terrorist organizations.  Oil exporting nations that need $100 or more per barrel will want to push OPEC to cut production. The idea is if we can cut production, then the price will rise.

    In 1975 in response to the Arab oil embargo we passed in United States a law forbidding the exportation of American crude oil.  That law has been on the books 40 years, it is time to repeal this law.  If we want to defeat ISIL then we must take away their money by reducing their revenue and financial support.  Sen. McCain said, if OPEC meets in Vienna, sometime in the next few months to try and cut production hoping in turn to increase prices,  then America should bring to the market an amount of crude oil  equal to the amount whatever OPEC wants to cut. Buy keeping supply high, then prices will stay low and more and more pressure will be put on the OPEC nations forcing them to reduce the amount of money available to fund terrorist’s organizations.

    Sen. McCain said the Congress should also bring significant pressure on the administration to use airstrikes to destroy the captured oil infrastructure currently controlled by ISIL.  The terrorists are funding in part the food for the soldiers, the equipment and ammunition necessary to continue their reign of terror, this has to stop and airstrikes will set the oil fields on fire and ISIL income will go up in the flames.  I believe that many OPEC nations will support America taking off the market oil that is currently being sold by ISIL.  I believe that many OPEC nations believe that the reduction of ISIL’s supply in the marketplace will increase prices.

    There is a long history of nation-states and wealthy individuals supporting terrorist organizations with the revenue from sale of oil.  For the last 40 years OPEC has had undue influence in the world’s economy by controlling the price of energy.  It is time to break the cycle of undo influence by OPEC nations, and open up the oil markets to a free and fair market and in turn make the world a safer place..

    By making America the largest exporting nation of energy we can send a very clear message to Mr. Putin about his future activities.  By letting America’s oil producers to have access to the world markets with both oil and natural gas, we can go to our friends in Western Europe and offer to replace all of the oil and natural gas currently supplied by Russia in turn eliminating Western Europe’s dependency on Russian energy. Mr. Putin we’ll find that the loss of revenue from Western Europe will in fact create the collapse of his economy and perhaps his government, and his job.

    Sen. McCain now is the time to take the bold action that capitalizes on the abundant natural resources of the United States for good in the world.  We have a chance for the United States to use energy as a geopolitical weapon to defeat terrorism. We do not need more American troops on the ground fighting ISIL, we need to put America back to work making it the supplier of energy to the world.  If we can do this we can make the world a safer place.  Without money the leaders of terrorist organizations can’t buy bullets, they can’t buy guns, they can’t buy trucks, and most important they cannot buy food and clothing.

    I ask sir, how long will terrorists want to fight with no food in the belly, and no bullets for their guns.

    Dan Perkins

    Dan Perkins is a novelist who has written a trilogy on a terrorist attack against the United States. The Brotherhood of the Red Nile series is available at Amazon.com. Mr. Perkins book web site is www.danperkins.guru.

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