• SHOCKER ALERT: White House Refuses To Say If It Supports Jordan’s Execution Of Terrorists

    It’s come to this.

    White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest dodged a question about whether or not the administration supported Jordan’s execution of two prisoners in response to ISIS’s horrific execution of a Jordanian pilot.

    Asked by Fox News’ Ed Henry, Earnest gave the classic response of simply dancing around the issue by saying “I just don’t have the working knowledge of the Jordanian justice system to render an opinion on this.”

    Henry: When you said, “I don’t have a reaction to it”—I mean, how can the president, yesterday, say, you know, “We’re here, we support Jordan, they are a key member of the coalition.” They make this decision overnight, and you can’t say whether or not your support the executions?

    Earnest: It’s certainly possible for us to continue to support and stand with the people of Jordan at this very difficult time. Clearly, their nation—in the same way that we all are—is shocked and appalled at this terrible act of violence that was captured on video by ISIL and released to the world. And the United States stands with our friends in Jordan as they confront this awful, barbaric act.

    But as it relates to the decisions that are carried by the Jordanian justice system, I’d refer you to them. I just don’t have the working knowledge of the Jordanian justice system to render an opinion on this. All I know is that the individuals that we are discussing here were individuals who were convicted of terrorism-related crimes, they were individuals who had been sentenced to death and had been serving time on death row…

    Watch the exchange above.

    Meanwhile, the White House is hosting a “summit” on “extremism” in the next few weeks and still refuses to alter the focus of it to ISIS and Radical Islam specifically. Because Christians and the Crusades, or something.

    Matt Schuck

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