• Staples Fires Back At Obama In The Best Way Possible

    The behemoth office supply store Staples recently fired back at President Obama in response to comments that he made during an interview with Buzzfeed about the retail giant’s cutting staff hours due to Obamacare regulations.

    “It’s one thing when you’ve got a mom-and-pop store who can’t afford to provide paid sick leave or health insurance or minimum wage to workers even though a large percentage of those small businesses do it because they know it’s the right thing to do,” Obama had said. “But when I hear large corporations that make billions of dollars in profits trying to blame our interest in providing health insurance as an excuse for cutting back workers’ wages, shame on them.”

    The President appeared very agitated that a company was impacted negatively by one of his policies and decided to express their discontent publicly. The only problem is, that the story was false and Staples’ part-time employee policy had been written over ten years ago.

    From Breitbart:

    “Unfortunately, the president appears not to have all the facts,” Mark Cautela Sr., the Public Relations Manager for Staples said in a statement to Breitbart News. “The initial story was misleading as our policy regarding part-time employees is more than a decade old. It predates the Affordable Care Act by several years.”

    “We are very proud of our associates and offer competitive wages and benefits,” he said. “Staples is a leader in helping associates build a secure future.”

    “Staples also offers many opportunities for hourly associates to advance into full-time and management positions,” he added. “It’s unfortunate that the president is attacking a company that provides more than 85,000 jobs and is a major tax payer.”

    Cautela also stated that Staples was recently recognized by U.S. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew for helping employees plan for retirement.

    Convenient that Obama forgot to discuss that with Buzzfeed.

    It’s typical to look at a company like Staples, or Walmart and assume that they could take a financial hit, but what’s not ever discussed by this administration is this law’s effect on small to midsize businesses, which as of January 1st are also now faced with the onerous realities of Obamacare.

    Even so, it’s always rich to hear a politician (Barry, in this case) who has never employed a single person in his life lecture an actual employer about business practices.

    Matt Schuck

    Staff Writer

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