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  • Strippers Lobby Local Gov For Structurally Sound Poles … And Other Things

    Strippers in Oregon are fed up with poor working conditions, and now the gloves are coming off.

    An ambitious group of veteran strippers in Oregon are going straight to the state legislature with the help of lobbyists to improve their working conditions, the Associated Press reports.

    Elle Stanger, a stripper involved in the movement, pointed to dangerous, run down strip clubs where stripper’s safety is not a priority.

    “Some of the buildings are literally dilapidated and not maintained,” Stanger told AP. “You have entertainers that could injure themselves from broken glass on the stage, poor wiring with the sound system. We just want to get these workplaces up to a minimum safety standard at least.”

    Although it will be a tough fight, Stanger and her colleagues are advocating for cleaner clubs, structurally sound poles and better security, AP reports.

    This is not the first time strippers have tried to influence politics for their benefit. New York City strippers were famously among several other groups that banded together to fight for a change in labor classification that would require employers to provide health care, challenging a common practice of treating them as contractors instead of employees deserving minimum wage. The classification of independent contractor can also get clubs out of providing insurance to dancers.

    Some strippers have even unionized in the battle for a better work experience.

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