• This Republican Governor Is Being Criticized For Breaking With Party Lines

    The Republican governor of Ohio, John Kasich, is attracting criticism for breaking with party lines to oppose right-to-work policies.

    Kasich came out last week to say right-to-work laws are not necessary for attracting businesses despite many other Republicans arguing it will. The policy, which has passed in 24 states, outlaws forced union dues as a condition of employment.

    “No, we don’t see that in our state, I don’t have any evidence of it,” Kasich said, according to the West Virginia Gazette. “Now, if we have major unrest I think it causes a problem, but without major labor unrest, we’re up 300,000, almost 300,000 jobs and I don’t find that to be a big issue in our state.”

    Currently Missouri, New Mexico, West Virginia and Wisconsin are all considering versions of the policy. Ohio at the moment does not have a bill, but state Republicans have pushed for it. Wendy McCuskey, state director of Americans for Prosperity West Virginia, called out Kasich for his comments.

    “Gov. Kasich’s criticism of right to work and worker protections stems from a terrible fear that Ohio will begin losing jobs once it has to compete with West Virginia; this protectionist, market stifling attitude does not serve the best interest of West Virginians or Ohioans,” McCuskey declared in a prepared statement to The Daily Caller News Foundation.

    “It’s disappointing that a governor, with a positive vision for government, would ignore facts and support failed labor policies, maybe if his own state were considering these changes he would have a different attitude,” she continued.

    McCuskey has previously argued that West Virginia has a lot to gain by adopting a right-to-work law which could reverse decades of bad economic trends put in place by a long history of Democratic majorities in the state legislature.

    According to a report by Market Watch, “State data compiled by the Labor Department shows that West Virginia’s civilian labor participation rate has fallen to 49.8%, from 50% in October. The national rate in December was 62.7%.”

    “While Big Labor and professional politicians are against right to work, more than 66% of West Virginians support worker protections and we expect our legislators to listen to their constituents and bring right to work to West Virginia,” McCuskey concluded.

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