• What Vince Vaughn Said Will Have Liberals Fuming

    Vince Vaughn recently sat down with Playboy magazine to discuss life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, but what the comedian said in the interview will have liberals fuming.

    Vaughn, known for his roles in “Wedding Crashers” and “Old School,” discussed his blockbuster career in an interview with Playboy contributing editor David Hochman. Vaughn expounded on his right-leaning beliefs of owning a gun for self-defense and how he thinks (rightly) that affirmative action is racist.

    If you weren’t a fan of Vince Vaughn before, you soon will be now:

    From Playboy:

    I would use the term libertarian to describe my politics. I like the principles of the Constitution and the republic, which is a form of government built around the law. A republic did very well in Rome until they got a lot of central power and Caesar decided he knew what was best for everyone. That type of government works if you’re looking to start welfare programs, if you’re going to conquer the world and use force a certain way. But even back then, it didn’t work. More and more people went on the dole and others went bankrupt, and businesses couldn’t afford to pay their staff.

    I believe in the right to defend yourself if need be. Hopefully you’re never in that situation, but I think you’re fairly naive to believe there will never be a cause for self-defense. But again, I believe it’s up to the individual. I don’t believe rights come in groups. You shouldn’t get more or fewer rights because of what you believe in or what nationality you were born into.

    When asked about his stance on affirmative action, Vaughn had this to say:

    I’ll answer that with a question. Do you believe that using race as a factor in evaluating a person is a good way to operate?

    Then you’re evaluating someone based on race, which is racism. Rights don’t come to you because you’re a man or a woman or African American or European or Jewish. And I certainly don’t think the federal government should be in the business of deciding things or handing out money based on factors like these.

    In the liberal powerhouse known as “Hollywood,” for Vaughn to admit these things publicly is a sign of courage and character. I just wish that more actors would follow suit, instead of parroting the typical democratic talking points.

    Perhaps Vaughn will team up with Charlie Sheen next?

    Matt Schuck

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