• Crazy Footage From TransAsia’s Highway Plane Crash

    As of this publication, at least 23 people were reported killed after a TransAsia Airways ATR-72 plane crashed moments after takeoff from Songshan Airport in New Taipei City. A dash camera captured the moment when the aircraft clipped the Nanyang Bridge before crashing in the Keelung River river late Tuesday evening. You can see the gripping video above.

    “Mayday Mayday engine flameout” could be heard from the flight crew as the plane fell from the sky. “Insufficient propeller force” is believed to be what ultimately caused the plane to crash. The plane’s black box has been recovered and is being examined.

    Taiwan’s fire department has classified 10 of the passengers as showing “no sign of life” and one passenger killed, Daily Record reports. Twenty-eight people had been rescued. Another 19 are still unaccounted for.

    The pictures below show what remains of a car that was hit as the plane fell and clipped the bridge:


    Chen Xinde, chief executive of TransAsia, has reportedly apologized to the passengers and crew in a televised news conference.

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