• IRONY: Dem Group Will Spend $30 Million A Year To Talk About Poverty

    Yesterday, Politico wrote an interesting article about how Hillary recently turned down an invite to a secretive, closed-door donor meeting for the Democracy Alliance, which is a coalition of the biggest liberal donors in the country. Hillary feels that the alliance is pushing the party too far to the left, if you can believe it.

    But, the interesting part wasn’t that there was a group of secretive donors with deep pockets looking to buy an election spouting a faux populist message; the interesting part was the irony, some would call it hypocrisy, of their plan, which will soon be unveiled.

    From Politico:

    The plan, called 2020 Vision, represents a more assertively liberal direction for Democracy Alliance — one that could pose problems for Clinton in her expected presidential campaign and beyond, if she wins the White House.

    It aims to steer more than $30 million a year toward groups committed to fighting income inequality, climate change and the influence of political money. A particular focus is on groups fighting those issues at the state level, reflecting a sense among donors that national political gridlock limits chances for progress on their issues, regardless of the specific candidates.

    So the bulk of what they’re proposing is that over the next election cycle and beyond, this group will spend $30 million a year to lecture the country on topics such as income inequality, and the influence of money in politics.

    Because nothing says “Middle-Class” like spending eight figures a year to tell the American people to pay their fair share.

    No doubt Democracy Alliance will advocate for even more government programs to fight poverty. Here’s an idea: how about use that money to alleviate poverty rather than fund groups to talk about it?

    After all, $30 million a year can go a long way…

    Matt Schuck

    Staff Writer

    Matt Schuck is a staff writer for Daily Surge. He's a DC native who got his start in broadcasting doing stints at the legendary radio station DC101 and Hot 99.5, before being recruited by the Heritage Foundation to launch their first ever radio program. Matt has worked with SiriusXM, Phil Hendrie (Team America, Futurama), and as an executive producer for the John Fredericks Show.

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