• DUH: Domino’s Gun Ban Has Led To Increase In Robberies

    The mega pizza chain Domino’s has an anti-gun policy for its employees, and it is backfiring in a very scary way.

    On March 24, a Domino’s pizza store in New Jersey was robbed at gunpoint in broad daylight. The perp who got away with cash and two pizzas.

    The man was described as a “heavyset white male” who allegedly ordered employee Ray Brenkert to “get down on his knees and open the safe,” but when Brenkert told the robber that he couldn’t open the safe, the suspect then threatened his life if he couldn’t get it open.

    The suspect then took Brenkert’s cell phone and ordered him to make two large cheeze pizzas, which he took with him along with a handful of cash.

    On the same day as this robbery, a delivery driver in New Orleans was shot and killed. In addition, the shooting in New Orleans was exactly six months after another Domino’s driver was murdered in New Orleans.

    As Breitbart reports at least 10 delivery drivers been shot since January 2012, five of them lost their lives, but that’s not all. On February 8th a female delivery driver was robbed and raped at gunpoint in broad daylight in California.

    Despite all of these horrific crimes, Domino’s continues to impose their “no-guns” policy on their delivery drivers, choosing to amuse a liberal anti-gun agenda, rather than the safety of the company’s employees.

    “The only way you stop a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun.”

    -Wayne LaPierre

    Matt Schuck

    Staff Writer

    Matt Schuck is a staff writer for Daily Surge. He's a DC native who got his start in broadcasting doing stints at the legendary radio station DC101 and Hot 99.5, before being recruited by the Heritage Foundation to launch their first ever radio program. Matt has worked with SiriusXM, Phil Hendrie (Team America, Futurama), and as an executive producer for the John Fredericks Show.

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