• Funny Or Sad? Kimmel Asks People About Fake Obama News

    Less than a week after having President Obama read “Mean Tweets,” Jimmy Kimmel is back with another segment called “Lie Witness News – President Obama Edition.”

    This time, Kimmel sends a reporter onto the streets of Hollywood Boulevard to ask civilians about their thoughts on recent news events regarding the President. But what the people being interviewed don’t know is, that 100% of the questions they were asked about were totally false.

    It’s funny but also sad at the same time.


    The video starts with one man being asked, “Should he [President Obama] have removed Biden from office after he made the now-legendary ‘your mama’ joke to Vladimir Putin?”

    “I don’t think that he should…I thought it was hilarious,” the man replied.


    Oh wait, it gets better.

    The Reporter asks a young girl, “What is your take on President Obama’ decision to name Dennis Rodman to be the Ambassador to North Korea?”

    She responds…wait for it…”I don’t think he has enough experience…we have really excellent relations with North Korea right now.”

    And this folks, is how Obama got elected…Low information voters.

    Watch the hilariously sad video below:

    H/T IJ Review

    Matt Schuck

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