• Gov’t Employees Told To Evaluate Their ‘Sexual,’ ‘Racial’ Bias

    I’m very rarely ever at a loss of words, but when this article came across my desk, I seriously thought it was a parody.

    It wasn’t.

    A U.S. Forest Service executive instructed his employees to explore their own ‘Unconscious Bias’ by taking a vague online assessment tool to analyze their feelings on issues ranging on race and sexuality, to fat people, and to even whether or not an employee likes Obama or not.

    Forest Management Director Bryan Rice urged several other agency directors to use this online assessment as well. In an email sent on March 11th, Rice told his employees to read a New York Times article called “Straight talk for white men,” which argues that white men benefit from, well, being white I guess.

    Rice spoke to the Washington Times and said that he believes the tests will build a better workplace for his team…unless of course, you’re white.

    Then you’re guilty! Of something.

    Rice said that “The intent of using the unconscious bias material is to assist with efforts to foster a work environment where everyone is respected and valued. He added, “The unconscious bias material can help us explore diversity and inclusion in the workplace. It was included in a discussion of diversity as part of a continuous series of collaborative discussions on a variety of topics we have on my staff that cover key Forest Service policies and values as a means of fostering continued awareness.”

    The tests are taken at implicit.harvard.edu, and quickly assesses whether someone prefers straight or gay people, among other inclinations (How is that the government’s business, by the way?). Users are shown pictures of gay couples and asked to click a key when they see a “good” word or “bad” word. Users are also asked to evaluate their preference for “light-skinned to dark-skinned people.” The speed of the users click is also a measurement in this creepy online evaluation.

    A senior congressional aide commented, saying that the agency should have bigger things to worry about:

    “At some point this year, thousands of Americans will have to flee their homes because of catastrophic wildfires caused by poorly managed Forest Service lands, and when some of those people return to smoldering piles that were once their homes, they will be comforted that under this administration, the Forest Service has been vigilant in testing against unconscious biases.”


    In 2011 President Obama signed, his favorite thing, an executive order telling agencies to promote diversity, and included specific plans for each agency.


    Matt Schuck

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