• Hillary In ’96 Interview: I Don’t Keep A Diary Because It Could Be Subpoenaed

    Hillary supporters are working overtime trying dismiss the latest scandal involving the use and storage of her private email address for official business as unfounded criticism.

    Hell, longtime Clinton hack James Carville basically accused Andrea Mitchell of parroting “right-wing” talking points, if you can believe it.

    But considering that Hillary is already starting to feel the tire treads of Barack Obama’s bus, the next Clintonian play will be for her to suggest that, while she did violate federal law, it was unintentional and ultimately harmless.

    Nothing to see here, move along, folks. 

    Except now ABC News has unearthed an interview from 1996 in which a younger Hillary Clinton tells Jim Lehrer of PBS that she avoided documenting official White House business on paper because it could be — wait for it — subpoenaed.

    For real:

    LEHRER: “Are you keeping a diary, you keep good notes of what’s happening?”
    CLINTON: “Heavens no! It could get subpoenaed! I don’t write anything down”

    Not only did she make these remarks in a TV interview almost two decades ago, but she’s laughing about the ordeal, too, as though accountability is one big joke.

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