• ISIS Militants Want To Marry Women Through Conference Calls

    An Egyptian Islamic authority has issued a warning against women marrying Islamic State fighters, after the organization posted calls on social media for marriages via video conference.

    The women were to marry militants prior to joining them in Islamic State-held territories.

    Dar al-Ifta warned the calls go against Islamic law, saying marriages must occur with the approval of the woman’s guardian and have valid witnesses.

    In Arab countries, most men aren’t able to have romantic relationships with women outside of marriage. But because of the cost, they aren’t able to afford marriage until their 30s. The Islamic State exploits this issue by luring recruits with the promise of a wife.

    As reported by The Huffington Post:

    In addition to being promised a salary, male foreign fighters considering joining the Islamic State are also promised a wife — and perhaps more than one.

    Domestic responsibilities are seen as an assurance against defection.

    One way to ensure that the fighters do not leave is to create anchors to ensure they will stay: a job, a house, a wife and a child. ISIS has instituted a payment system wherein you are paid a stipend for every child you have in the Islamic State.

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