• Job Creation and High Skilled Labor In The American Economy

    Senator Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) and Jeff Sessions (R-Alabama) should be praised for keeping comprehensive immigration reform off the table and focusing on the job-creating benefits of high-skilled labor.

    The Senate Judiciary Committee is holding a full committee hearing today. Richard Trumka, President of the AFL-CIO is the star witness for the hearing and he will represent the idea that labor does not favor programs that allow high-skilled immigrants to work in the United States. Trumka does not want our legal immigration system to allow allowance for higher numbers of high-skilled visas.

    Job creation is the most important issue for the American people right now. They are angry that record numbers of people are dropping out of the workforce and they can see that slow growth is hurting them day-to-day.

    Congress needs to push policies that will grow the economy.

    Studies show that more high skilled laborers into the workforce will expand economic growth. The Hill quoted Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) as arguing, “we face a high-skilled worker shortage that has become a national crisis.”

    The Competitive Enterprise Institute put out a study in 2010 that argued that high skilled workers “contributions to science and technology, high rates of education, low rates of crime, net contribution in tax revenue, and positive effect on the wages and productivity of American workers.” Big Labor will not promote that message and other witnesses will argue for less legal immigration.

    According to the Congressional Budget Office, one category of high tech visas, STEM Visas, would have added $118 billion in the 10 years after that bill passed. This study shows that categories of high tech laborers add to the economy and will help reduce debt.

    This hearing could be a good way to spur a discussion of the fact that high skilled labor helps the economy.

    Roberto Escoban

    Roberto Escoban is the pen name of a conservative activist who spent 20 years working in Washington including a decade on Capitol Hill.

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