• Koch Steps Into The Ring On Criminal Justice Reform

    The fight for criminal justice reform, championed by civil rights leaders and groups like the American Civil Liberties Union, has a game-changing ally you might not expect.

    The Charles Koch Institute, a nonprofit, will announce Thursday afternoon a series of nationwide debates to educate the public and get to the bottom of a criminal justice problem that is crippling the country.

    So why is this important? This is the newest effort in a Koch push for criminal justice reform that means it will garner bipartisan support, congressional leadership might start paying more attention and some of that Koch money that is so talked about will start making a difference.

    Koch Industries partnered with the Hillary Clinton-aligned Center for American Progress and the ACLU in a new coalition for justice reform.

    Criminal justice reform has gotten some attention recently, driven in part by tense police-race relations in light of cases like the death of Michael Brown.

    The movement is gaining traction with exploding budgets grabbing the attention of conservatives, mass incarceration motivating libertarians and race issues keeping liberals engaged.

    The first event will take place March 26 in Peachtree Ga., a success story in part because it implemented some successful reforms used in Texas.

    “Like many states, Georgia recently found itself in the midst of a criminal justice crisis,” reads a copy of an invitation to the event obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation. “In only two decades, its prison population had doubled, diminishing opportunity and well-being for non-violent offenders caught up in the system. Meanwhile, its incarceration budget had also doubled. The Peach State was facing a breaking point.”

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