• John Kerry Compares Himself to MLK, Churchill, And Lincoln For Tackling Global Warming

    Speaking at a climate change forum this week, Secretary of State John Kerry likened his advocacy in combating ‘climate change’ to the work of Gandhi, Churchill MLK, Lincoln, and Mandela.

    Churchill, as you know, helped defeat the Nazis.

    But whatever.

    “My heroes are people who dared to take on great challenges without knowing for certain what the outcome would be. Lincoln took risks, Gandhi took risks, Churchill took risks, Dr. King took risks, Mandela took risks, but that doesn’t mean that every risk-taker is a role model,” Kerry said speaking to the Atlantic Council as part of the “Road to Paris Climate Series.” (Video above.)

    “Terrorism, extremism, epidemics, poverty, nuclear proliferation, all challenges that respect no borders – climate change belongs on that very same list. It is, indeed, one of the biggest threats facing our planet today,” he added.

    The madness continued:

    “Gambling with the future of Earth itself when we know full well what the outcome would be is beyond reckless. It is just plain immoral. And it is a risk that no one should take. We need to face reality. There is no planet B.”

    So, not only does Kerry consider his duties today tantamount to the evil faced down by MLK, Lincoln, and Churchill; but Kerry thinks “climate change” is as dangerous as ISIS is.

    God. Help. Us.

    Matt Schuck

    Staff Writer

    Matt Schuck is a staff writer for Daily Surge. He's a DC native who got his start in broadcasting doing stints at the legendary radio station DC101 and Hot 99.5, before being recruited by the Heritage Foundation to launch their first ever radio program. Matt has worked with SiriusXM, Phil Hendrie (Team America, Futurama), and as an executive producer for the John Fredericks Show.

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