• Someone Please Tell Barbara Boxer Which Party Won The Last Election

    Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer expressed disbelief and anger on the Senate floor Thursday as Republicans continue to push their legislative agenda.

    “They’ve been in charge for eight weeks,” she said. “And all we see is them taking hostage after hostage after hostage legislatively to get their way on their philosophy.”

    The comment was part of a larger rant about the audacity of Republicans to inject standard language into an anti-human trafficking bill that would block federal funding of abortion, except in cases of rape, incest or life of the mother.

    Democrats are feigning outrage over the language after they voted unanimously to push the bill through committee in February, and promised Monday it would pass. They suddenly changed course Tuesday, claiming they hadn’t actually read the bill — which has been available for moths — and blaming Republicans for a political “sneak attack.” (RELATED: Dems Remember To Read Bill They’re Pushing, Throw A Fit)

    “This is a clear pattern,” Boxer said on the floor. “Injecting these unrelated extremely politically charged provisions into key pieces of legislation — I’ve not seen it.”

    She listed a series of Republican offenses — trying to defund Obama’s highly unpopular executive order on immigration, threatening to attach the Keystone Pipeline bill, which passed Congress with bipartisan support, to a transportation bill so Obama might actually sign it, and including standard spending restrictions in this anti-human trafficking bill.

    “Republicans are doing this all over the place!” she said. (RELATED: Reporter: It’s As If Obama ‘Didn’t Quite Pay Attention’ To Midterm Election Results)

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