• The Entire Clinton Headache Can Be Summed Up In A Single Sentence

    Americans have historically been suspect of royalty, and the closest thing to American royalty right now is the Clinton family.

    Hillary Clinton set up a personal email domain on the day of her Senate confirmation hearings and then exclusively used that email for State Department business. Instead of using the mandated State Department systems, she shrugged off the rules and cleverly circumvented discovery laws, conveniently on the eve of her candidacy.
    Jack Shafer of Politico sums up the whole Clinton ordeal, why the press is losing its mind and why Hillary can do little to defend herself, in one sentence:
    “Whether deserved or not, the Clintons have a reputation of behaving as if they’re above the rules and shouldn’t be scrutinized.”
    The narrative is clear. A litany of scandals has the public utterly convinced she believes herself above the rules, like she is accountable to no one.
    In a time when presidential hopefuls are doing all they can to build their brand and fine tune their message, this latest scandal — which Shafer points out will likely drag on for many subpoenas and many months —  will at best be a distraction and at worst an opportunity for the media and GOP to beat the drum of Clinton privilege all the way until election day.
    “It’s a reckless approach to hiding material from the public,” Tom Fitton, President of Judicial Watch, said in an interview with Politico. “We have dozens of FOIA requests and well over a dozen federal lawsuits in which this information is directly relevant. The government has never told us about this. In fact, in some cases they told us they looked through [Clinton’s] office and there was nothing to be found.”

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