• The Government Is Now Giving Poor People Free Luxury Apartments

    Moveover ObamaPhones!

    There’s a new freebie in town!

    The government is now giving away free luxury apartments, and they come fully equipped with a rooftop pool AND personal wine storage.

    Courtesy of the American taxpayer, of course.

    But don’t worry, recipients of this government-funded luxury lifestyle will only have access to Verde Point Apartments until they become gainfully employed with higher wages. Once that happens, they’ll move out to more modest living conditions like the rest of the country.

    In addition to Verde Point, The Gramercy is another luxury apartment located in Arlington, VA., where recipients of Section 8 housing can take advantage of its “Massage Room” and “Clubroom with bar.”

    The promotional video (watch above) says that “someone will actually come and do a manicure right in your home,” and adds that the units have “Berber carpet, GE stainless steel appliances, [and] granite countertops.”

    But there’s more.

    Notes the Washington Examiner:

    Washington and local governments also pay for subsidized housing in luxury units by giving tax breaks to often-wealthy real estate developers who set aside units. Critics say such tax breaks impact the budget just the same as direct payments, but can make it more difficult for legislators and members of the public to know the full extent of the subsidies.

    An official list of 70 buildings in Arlington, Va., many of them gleaming luxury towers in the most sought-after neighborhoods, has a curious note: It says that taxpayer funds were used on the highly profitable luxury rentals, as they might be on a public housing project.

    “The complexes listed below were built, acquired or renovated with public funds, and therefore are required to set aside a certain number of affordable units,” the county web page says.

    So to sum it all up: don’t work and you’ll live like a king.

    Matt Schuck

    Staff Writer

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