• The Reason Why PolitiFact Wont Rate Hillary Is ABSURD

    PolitiFact is a supposed, fact-checker, site that is run by liberal rag, the Tampa Bay Times.

    The site rates claims that politicians make using their ‘Truth-o-meter‘ as well as a scoring system to back their findings. Some claims are rated “true,” “mostly true,” “half true,” “false,” “mostly false,” and “pants on fire.”

    But usually when a big event happens, let’s say for instance, a press conference with former Secretary of State, and likely 2016 democratic Presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton about her latest scandal while serving in office, you’d think that Politifact would jump all over it.

    Nope. They’re like…whatevs

    According to Breitbart, PolitiFact couldn’t rate Hillary’s claim that she “fully complied with every rule I was governed by” because there are a lot of “unknowns.” Whatever that means.

    They even found a pawn to justify their determination of not giving a determination.

    “Unless she violated a rule dealing with the handling of classified or sensitive but unclassified information, I don’t see how she violated any law or regulation. There may be a stronger argument about violating the spirit of the law, but that is a very vague area,” said Gary Bass former director of OMB Watch, a government accountability organization.

    But the problem is that it appears that she violated the law and handle classified information on a personal, unsecured email server in a blatant attempt to hide her communication from the public.  It’s a shame to see the Clinton getting a complete pass on this.

    Meanwhile, if a conservative crosses the street in a manner that irks a lib, it’s front-page news.

    Matt Schuck

    Staff Writer

    Matt Schuck is a staff writer for Daily Surge. He's a DC native who got his start in broadcasting doing stints at the legendary radio station DC101 and Hot 99.5, before being recruited by the Heritage Foundation to launch their first ever radio program. Matt has worked with SiriusXM, Phil Hendrie (Team America, Futurama), and as an executive producer for the John Fredericks Show.

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