• These Dems Think Cannibalizing Warren’s Progressive Message Is The Only Hope For The Party

    House Democrats are joining forces to stop Sen. Elizabeth Warren from drawing the Democratic Party too far left on labor, fearing another backlash from voters in 2016.

    Organizing around a relatively pro-wealth, pro-business message calculated to appeal to the voters who largely rejected them in 2014, a caucus of moderate House Democrats came up with a policy response to Warren’s progressive agenda, reported The Hill. The New Democrat Coalition plans to unveil the economic platform as early as this week.

    “To the extent that Republicans beat up on workers and Democrats beat up on employers, I’m not sure that offers voters much of a vision,” Rep. Scott Peters, who is working on the plan, told The Hill. “My own preference is to create a message without bashing businesses or workers, which happens on the other side,” he added.

    Three moderate Democratic groups — Third Way, the Progressive Policy Institute, and the New Democrat Network — began meeting with Congressional Democrats following the disastrous midterm elections to discuss the future of the party, a sourc told The Hill. They’re concerned Warren’s message is too extreme. (RELATED: Warren Defeats Obama’s Treasury Nominee)

    “Democrats ought to avoid the danger of talking about only redistribution and not enough about economic growth,” PPI president and founder Will Marshall told The Hill. “Economic growth is a precondition to reducing inequality. You can’t redistribute wealth you’re not generating.”

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