• WATCH: Teenagers Save Baby From Kidnapping

    For a parent, I can’t imagine anything worse than having your newborn child being kidnapped, but that’s exactly what happened this past Sunday in Sprague, Washington.

    According to police, A brother, sister and newborn child were left unattended in a local park by their babysitter – who i’m sure is fired – when a man approached the two older children, and snatched 22-month-old Owen Wright.

    The brother and sister can be seen in the video below, chasing after the suspect and eventually were spotted by two teenagers Isaac Yow and Andrew Crain, who took off running after the man.

    The suspect quickly put the child down, and continued running, and eventually got away, but the baby was returned safe and unharmed. The two teens are being hailed as heroes.

    “I think there’s only a slight chance that it was because of us. I think that little girl played a very large part in that,” said Andrew.

    “She played the biggest part because if she wouldn’t have been screaming we wouldn’t have known nothing was wrong, and Andrew probably would’ve seen the guy running across the street,” said Isaac.

    A statewide manhunt for the suspect is underway, but is quickly spreading nationwide.

    UPDATE: Authorities have arrested a suspect, according to ABC News:

    A 15-year-old boy was arrested in connection with the attempted kidnapping of a 22-month-old Washington boy, who was saved by his siblings and local teens.

    The boy’s identity has not been released. He faces charges for second degree kidnapping and was booked into a juvenile facility.

    Matt Schuck

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