• Al-Shabab Terrorist Has History Of Targeting Non-Muslims

    The architect of the gruesome Garissa attacks against Christian students in Kenya has a history of attacking non-Muslims.

    <a href=”http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/kenya-garissa-university-attack-who-are-terror-masterminds-mohamed-kuno-ahmed-iman-1494779″ target=”_blank”>Mohamed Kuno</a> is Kenyan commander for the al-Shabab terrorist organization on Kenya’s border with Somalia. Presumed to be in his mid-30s, Kuno “is well-known as a hardliner in Somalia and is one of al-Shabab’s leading operatives in the southern Jubaland region, which shares a long border with Kenya,” reports the <a href=”http://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-32160420″ target=”_blank”>BBC</a>.

    One of the militant’s most well-known aliases, Mohamed Dulyadin, means ambidextrous in the Somali language. He’s also known as Mohamed Mohamud, according to <a href=”http://www.cnn.com/2015/04/05/africa/kenya-attack/” target=”_blank”>CNN</a>.

    Kenya’s interior ministry released a wanted photo of Kuno in connection with the Garissa killings on April 2, citing a bounty worth 20 million Kenyan shillings or $215,000 in exchange for his capture.
    <blockquote class=”twitter-tweet” lang=”en”>Seen this man? Report to the security agencies through the numbers provided. <a href=”https://twitter.com/hashtag/KaaChonjo?src=hash”>#KaaChonjo</a> <a href=”https://twitter.com/hashtag/GarissaAttack?src=hash”>#GarissaAttack</a> <a href=”http://t.co/3K3EL3FyoK”>pic.twitter.com/3K3EL3FyoK</a>

    — InteriorCNG Ministry (@InteriorKE) <a href=”https://twitter.com/InteriorKE/status/583626568137891840″>April 2, 2015</a></blockquote>
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    In early April, al-Shabab militants stormed a university campus in Garissa, separating Muslim or Christian before slaughtering the non-Muslims. <a href=”http://dailycaller.com/2015/04/02/al-shabab-holds-christian-students-hostage-on-university-campus/” target=”_blank”>(RELATED: 147 Dead In Al-Shabab Attack On Christians)</a>

    Before joining a precursor to al-Shabab in 2007, Kuno was a principal at an Islamic school. Now, he oversees the al-Qaida affiliated group’s attacks inside Kenya, seeking revenge against Kenyan troops fighting the terrorist organization in Somalia.

    Two attacks highlight al-Shabab’s habit of separating Muslims from non-Muslims prior to execution-style killings.

    Last November, Kuno reportedly oversaw a <a href=”http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/kenya-bus-attack-al-shabaab-militants-blew-victims-heads-off-just-like-that-1476124″ target=”_blank”>bus attack</a> in Mandera, when al-Shabab militants grilled riders about Islam, and if they didn’t know the answers, victims were forced to lay face-first in the mud. Then, they were summarily executed by extremists.

    A month later, <a href=”http://www.cnn.com/2014/12/02/world/africa/kenya-attack/index.html” target=”_blank”>al-Shabab militants</a> again separated Muslims from non-Muslims and executed the latter group. At least 36 were killed, and their bodies were dumped in a quarry near Kenya’s border with Somalia.

    Kuna, who reportedly has <a href=”http://www.cnn.com/2015/04/05/africa/kenya-attack/” target=”_blank”>three wives and three siblings</a> with ties to the terrorist organization, fled authorities after being identified as an architect of the latter attack in December of 2014.

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