• Chinese Sex Ed Now Relying On Giant Inflatable White Woman

    Children in the Chinese city of Nanjing have a novel new way to learn about sex: By climbing inside a gigantic inflatable white woman.


    The enormous doll is nicknamed Badi, and if this big, beautiful woman stood up she would be almost 100 feet tall. Children who enter through one of Badi’s feet are treated to several illustrations that inform children about the natures of human reproduction, as well as other bodily functions.

    The doll isn’t all about sex, though. Kids can also enjoy a slide (created through a bend in Badi’s left leg), a climbing area, and a ball pit placed in her chest cavity (incidentally, approximately where her ovaries would be).

    Ball pit

    With her green-blonde hair and deep blue eyes, Badi looks more like a northern European than a Chinese person, possibly reflecting the fact that she was manufactured in Europe before being brought to China.

    According to Guangming Online, the doll has drawn tremendous interest in Chinese social media, with some praising it as innovative while others question just how suitable it is for children. Some have even questioned whether it violates principles of gender equality to only use a female doll to teach about reproduction.

    “If somebody intends to educate children on sex, then he or she should consider using a genderless playground, as the sex education is supposed to achieve mutual understanding and respect,” said one user on Weibo, a Chinese site similar to Twitter.

    Whether a male doll is on the way, perhaps with its own type of “ball pit,” is unknown.

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