• Delaware Entices Businesses With Potential Right-To-Work Zones

    Delaware Republican lawmakers Thursday introduced a bill that would allow right-to-work zones in the state.

    The measure, if passed into law, will allow manufacturing businesses that hire 20 or more employees to become right-to-work zones, The Associate Press reports. The policy outlaws mandatory union dues as a condition of employment.

    Supporters of the measure hope it will attract new businesses to the state.

    “This Act allows the Director of the Delaware Economic Development Office to create right-to-work zones as part of its inducements to bring new businesses to Delaware,” the bill stated.

    Traditionally known as a states issue, the concept of right-to-work zones gained popularity in recent months after Warren County in Kentucky successfully became the first county in the country to adopt the policy back in December.

    “[It] requires these zones to be offered for manufacturing businesses hiring at least 20 employees,” the bill also noted. “It also exempts those manufacturing businesses from their gross receipts taxes for their first 5 years.”

    The idea of right-to-work zones even attracted the attention of Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner, who entertained the concept for Illinois as part of his labor policy reform efforts.

    Though the concept of right-to-work zones has been met with significant resistance, especially from unions that oppose the policy even on the state level, polls show many support the idea. Earlier in the month the Kentucky chapter of Americans for Prosperity found 58 percent support local right-to-work laws, while 35 percent oppose and 8 percent were unsure.

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