• Earth Day Revelers Leave National Small Smelling Terrible Days Later

    Hippies celebrating Earth Day in our nation’s capital over the weekend left the place about how you might expect: covered in trash and smelling awful.

    It’s not clear if the rally attendees were trying to compost the National Mall, but a horrible odor has been hovering over the Washington Monument grounds this week ever since Saturday’s Global Citizen 2015 Earth Day rally.

    Concertgoers, who were trying to raise awareness for climate change and convince people to protect the planet, instead left grounds of the National Mall awash in their filth.

    Trash cans overflowed with garbage after the rally, and apparently the festival grounds didn’t fare much better.

    Overuse of the land, which was already in poor condition, left a giant, stinky mud flat just northeast of the Washington Monument, The Washington Post reports.

    Organizers of the rally used protective flooring to help save what was left of the grass on the lawn, but heavy rain during its setup and during the event allowed water to seep through the cracks and create the mud flat.

    The rain that fell combined with mud and other decaying organic material under the flooring, according to the Post, to unleash the perfect storm of stenches and scare off many tourists who planned on visiting the site this week.

    The odor left behind by the Earth Day concert became immediately noticeable once the concert-goers cleared out and the flooring came up, but became more prevalent later in the week when winds picked up in the area.

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