• EPA Chief Attends Rap Concert To Hype Global Warming Agenda

    The head of the Environmental Protection Agency showed up Saturday to a rap concert to promote government policies to fight global warming.

    “It’s great to see so many young people who are so passionate about issues like the environment, keeping our communities healthy, and the issue of climate change,” EPA chief Gina McCarthy told the audience at the Broccoli festival — an “environmental justice” concert meant to raise awareness about global warming.

    McCarthy appeared in between rap groups that sang about “looking at that white girl, trying to get that white money” and “got a super bad bitch, no ass, no tits, but I really do love her like shit.” The EPA chief was scheduled to appear at the concert along with Jaden and Willow Smith, according to the Washington Free Beacon.

    “I want you to know that your voice is incredibly important and that’s why I am here to ask you to raise your voice every chance you get,” McCarthy said. “There you go, because we need you!”

    “EPA’s success only happens when your voice is joined in,” McCarthy continued. “So do me a favor, lend your voices, we’ve got to get this plan over the finish line and every community is going to benefit.”

    “We’re going to keep our energy affordable and reliable and we’re going to keep our communities healthy, but only if you work for it, only if you work with us,” McCarthy added.

    The Free Beacon noted that groups performing at the concert sang songs that combined their love of nature with getting “bitches” and making sure women washed their “asses.” Rap groups, of course, also noted how many blunts they smoked before the concert — using only organic weed I’m sure.

    The rap group, the Rock Creek Social Club sang “put the motherfucking hands up in the sky. Sing this shit. We gonna be all right. N— we gonna be all right.”

    Rappers Sunny and Gabe said “we have gathered here today in celebration of our planet earth and all the good shit that earth gives us,” they said. “The earth gave us—how long we been here? Since you been born motherfucker.”

    “So, let’s give back to the earth by contributing, I don’t know, just don’t throw trash on the ground,” the eco-rappers told the crowd. “You know what I’m saying? Let’s go a day without eating meat. I can’t do that, but that’s what you ask for.”

    “Ladies, if you single, you have a job, and you’ve washed your ass in the last 12 hours, keep your hands in the air,” another rapper asked the audience.

    “Ladies, if you single, you have a job, you washed your ass in the last 12 hours and you ready to choose up, you need somebody to take you home, cook dinner for you, rub your back, leave your hands in the air,” the rapper said. “Look, fellas, I told y’all they ready. They thirsty.”

    “Got a fake bitch with some fake tits,” the rapper Lightshow sang. “Got a super bad bitch, no ass, no tits, but I really do love her like shit.”


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