• ‘F*ck This Court’ And Other Excerpts From A LEGENDARY Legal Filing

    A Georgia woman upset over the dismissal of her lawsuit has filed a nine-page court brief that doubles as one of the most spectacular profane tirades ever seen.

    “F*ck this court and everything it stands for,” is Tamah Jada Clark’s fitting title for her April 20 filing with the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Georgia. Clark, who identifies herself as a “Floridian-American,” claims that her civil rights were violated five years ago when she was arrested for plotting to break the father of her baby out of prison. Her berserk rant was submitted to express her displeasure with the dismissal of her lawsuit.

    Clark identifies with the “sovereign citizen” movement, a group of individuals who reject the authority of the U.S. federal government and its courts. Fittingly, her memo is full of what is, to say the least, a dismissive attitude towards Judge Willis Hunt and other agents of the government.

    “You think because you sit up there in that little black robe hiding behind the ignorance of the masses like a little b*tch, that ANYBODY gives a d*mn about you or what you have to say?” Clark says. “Well, just in case you haven’t noticed-I couldn’t give two f*cks about you or what you have to say. F*ck you, old man. You’re a joke. Your court’s a joke. You take it up the a*s; and you suck nuts. Lol.”

    At other times, Clark mocks Hunt as a “castrated coward” and his court as a “panic-stricken hoe that has stolen money from her back-handing pimp.”

    Clark’s personal attacks and legal arguments often spin off into more abstract political commentary seeking to advance her sovereign citizen viewpoints.

    “The federal government currently taxes the people exponentially more than the British King could have ever dreamed of doing,” she says. “And people’s human rights are being violated faster than you can say the phrase ‘Willis B. Hunt, Jr. is a b*tcha*s hoe.'”

    How is Clark so certain she is correct? According to her, it’s because she has become Justice incarnate.

    “Look here, old man, when I told you I AM Justice-I meant it,” says Clark. “It took me about I month to study the history of the world and to learn the history and inner workings of American jurisprudence, literally. I was born to do this here. Don’t you know that your FBI and CIA have been trying to recruit me since grade school? Lol. But they’re unscrupulous losers like you, so it won’t be happening.”

    Read the rest of the filing below:


    Fuck This Court by Sarah Jeong

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