• Hillary Reportedly Flip-Flopped On Indian Nuke Deal After Influx Of Donations

    Hillary Clinton’s stance on a 2008 nuclear agreement between the U.S. and India reportedly changed after Indian donors poured cash into Clinton’s various organizations.

    The allegation comes from a chapter of the upcoming book, Clinton Cash: The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Help Make Bill and Hillary Rich, released to Politico:

    “In 1998 the Indian government conducted nuclear tests, Bill Clinton imposed restrictions on the export of U.S. nuclear technology, because this violated the nonproliferation treaty — Hillary Clinton supported that position,” Schweizer said Tuesday on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, outlining the chapter. “In 2005, the Indian government wanted those restrictions lifted. Hillary Clinton at that time supported a killer amendment to stop that from happening. After 2005, a number of Indian interests, including an Indian politician that admits now that his donation to the Clinton Foundation wasn’t even his money, those donations flowed. In 2008, she reverses course, and supports the export of U.S. nuclear technology.”

    The $2 billion Clinton Foundation has come under scrutiny for receiving money from foreign governments while Hillary was Secretary of State. The foundation’s acting CEO admitted it “made mistakes, as many organizations of our size do” in failing to fully disclose foreign donors. (RELATED: Clinton Foundation Made The Same Foreign Donation ‘Mistake’ 1,100 Times)

    Kicking off her 2016 presidential campaign, Hillary’s team is seeking to disprove conservative author Peter Schweizer’s claims. Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman called the book’s allegations conspiracy theories.

    In an interview with Bloomberg, Schweizer said he has full-time security but remained mum on whether or not he’s received death threats. The book is set for release May 5.

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