• HULK MODE: Looks Like A US Marshall Lost His Temper With A Woman Recording Him

    A troubling video of law enforcement aggression in California has triggered a federal investigation.

    The U.S. Marshals Service and Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department are investigating a video that appears to show a U.S. Marshal in South Gate, Calif. charge a woman and take what seems to be a cellphone or small camera from her before slamming it on the ground, NBC4 reports.

    The Marshals were reportedly investigating a local biker gang meeting with other agencies when the incident occurred. South Gate Police Chief Randy Davis confirmed to NBC4 that the officer involved is with the U.S. Marshals, though the Marshals say they are still investigating that point. Davis also said none of his officers were involved in the incident.

    The video shows a woman in a white shirt and dark pants recording law enforcement stopped on the side of the road. She is then approached by what appears to be a law enforcement officer who snatches the device from her, throws it on the ground and kicks it.

    “I sense people’s frustration. I’m looking at that. … I don’t know how you’d get away with that,” South Gate Police Captain Darren Arakawa told the LA Times. “Honestly, I can’t account for the guy’s actions. This is not going away.”

    (Warning: This video contains profanity)


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