• Johns Hopkins Tried To Ban ‘Triggering’ Display Of Fetus Development

    Johns Hopkins University tried to ban a pro-life group from displaying models showing the development of a fetus, because it might “trigger” those who see it.

    The North Baltimore Pro-Life Study Group has set up a display of the models at Hopkins’ annual Spring Fair for 30 years, but this year the school’s Arts and Crafts Committee tried to reject the display, reported the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education.

    It “contains triggering and disturbing images and content,” the committee told the pro-life group. Last year the committee instituted a policy requiring pre-approval of display content and instituting “the right to reject illegal, vulgar, triggering or otherwise disturbing images.”

    Less than 48 hours later the committee changed its mind after Hopkins student Andrew Guernsey, president of student group Voice for Life, pushed back. “Will gay and lesbian groups be banned from Spring Fair because some religious people find homosexual activity ‘disturbing’?” he asked in a formal protest.

    The models on display simply show the development of a fetus from its early stages through about 7 months and are not graphic — no blood or other organs are shown.

    “We … were wrong in our initial decision and, upon further reflection, have decided we will not impose restrictions on the displays presented by any community groups at Spring Fair,” the committee said in a statement to Fox News this week, and added: “The committee values free speech.”

    However, Guernsey has noted the policy allowing the committee to refuse any displays it deems “disturbing” or “triggering” is still in place.

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