• NEW POLL: War Veterans Miss George W. Bush

    Most Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans miss President George W. Bush and prefer Bush to President Obama as commander in chief, according to a Washington Post-Kaiser Family Foundation poll.

    Sixty-five percent of post-9/11 veterans say that Bush was a good commander in chief while just 42 percent say the same of Obama. The poll data reveals clues as to why Bush’s image is stronger than Obama’s.

    Half of veterans say the Iraq war wasn’t worth the fight, but 53 percent still think Bush was a good commander in chief. Bush’s approval hits 80 percent amongst veterans who believe the war was a noble cause and worth fighting.

    Veterans who are skeptics of the Iraq war aren’t fans of Obama, despite the fact that he famously opposed the war from the start. Forty five percent of vets who say Iraq has not been worth the costs rate Obama a good commander in chief versus 40 percent who say the war was worth fighting.

    Forty two percent of veterans say Obama is a good commander in chief, but his overall approval rating was even lower at just 32 percent.

    Iraq and Afghanistan veterans lean more Republican and conservative than other Americans, a factor that makes them more apt to be skeptical of a Democratic president generally.

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    While war veterans miss the former commander in chief, the feeling is mutual, President Bush misses them too.

    Bush held the Military Service Initiative Summit to support “post-9/11 veterans and their families”, where mentioned that he frequently gets asked what he misses most about his time in office.

    He gave some funny answers to the question.

    “I miss … the Air Force accommodating me with a shower on the airplane that flew me around,” he joked. “I don’t get irritated, but I do have to stop at stoplights now.”

    Bush then turned serious and gave a heartfelt answer.

    “I miss saluting those who volunteer to put themselves in harm’s way, three of whom are here today,’ he said. “And I have vowed that for the remainder of my life that I will do all I can do to help our vets.”

    The George W. Bush Presidential Center  posted several messages promoting support for veterans and their families via its Instagram account:

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