• Republicans, Democrats Agree: ISIS Is A Greater Threat Than Iran, Russia

    Americans see the Islamic State terror group as a greater threat than Iran, Russia, China or North Korea.

    The  CNN/ORC poll shows that majorities across political lines — 79 percent of Republicans, 68 percent of Democrats, and 63 percent of independents — agree the Islamic State poses a serious threat to the U.S.

    “Overall, 68 percent say ISIS is a very serious threat, compared with just 39 percent who say so about Iran, 32 percent about North Korea, 25 percent on Russia and 18 percent on China,” writes Jennifer Agiesta, CNN’s polling director.

    On Sunday, six Minnesotans were arrested for allegedly trying to join ISIS, highlighting the risks of Islamic State recruitment occurring inside America.

    In late March, the Islamic State released a kill list of 100 U.S. service members, purportedly involved in the military campaign against the militants in Iraq and Syria, urging sympathizers to target them. (RELATED: ISIS Tells Sympathizers To Kill US Service Members)

    Forty Americans have returned to the states after fighting with jihadi organizations abroad, but they don’t pose an immediate risk, according to U.S. National Intelligence Director James Clapper. (RELATED: Forty Americans Who Fought With Islamist Militants In Syria Returned Home)

    Regarding the Iran deal, most respondents said the U.S. should respond militarily if Iran breaks the terms of the agreement. Parties are divided over President Barack Obama’s handling of the process, 79 percent of Democrats approving and 77 percent of Republicans disagreeing.

    Overall, 53 percent favor an agreement with Iran and 43 percent disapprove.

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