• Rihanna on ‘Religious Freedom’: ‘F*ck that Sh*t

    Editor’s note: Offensive language below.

    Rihanna joined the chorus of celebrities in her opposition to Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA), blasting the  law during her performance Saturday at the March Madness Music Fest in Indianapolis.

    “Who’s feeling these new bullshit laws that they’re trying to pass around here?” she asked, rhetorically. “I say fuck that shit! I want to hear you say, ‘Fuck that shit!’

    The crowd responded by chanting “Fuck that shit.”

    “Cuz we just livin’ our motherfuckin’ lives,” the singer exclaimed from the stage prior to singing her song, “Live Your Life.”.

    A concertgoer recorded the whole thing:

    Rihanna’s comments came after Republican Indiana Governor Mike Pence amended the RFRA following complaints that it legalized discrimination based on sexual orientation to explicitly prohibit business owners from refusing to serve gay and lesbian customers.

    Rihanna debuted her new song American Oxygen during the same performance, singing about a “new America” in front of the American flag.

    Previously, Rihanna upset her fans over the summer when she tweeted (then promptly deleted) #FreePalestine” during the latest Gaza war *

    She also opposed prop 8, a ballot proposition that passed in California banning same sex-marriage in the state.

    Alicia Powe

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