• Sarah Silverman Fakes Story About Gender Wage Discrimination

    The left-wing stand-up comic, Sarah Silverman, has been caught in a lie about a supposed wage gap experience she had at a night club years ago.

    Silverman released a video about equal pay for women, encouraging underpaid women to”ask for more.”

    She accused the New York Comedy Club Al Martin of gender discrimination in the video for paying her $10 for a show while paying a male performer $60.

    Here’s the tale as Silverman tells it, in a video from the Levo League:

    I was doing stand-up, you know, just around town. And I did a show — I was out with my friend Todd Barry and we were doing sets around town together. And you know I was pretty well known already, and we both did back-to-back 15-minute sets at this club, the New York Comedy Club, and he paid me 10 bucks.

    It was a Saturday night. I didn’t think anything of it, you know. And we were outside talking and Todd somehow brought up, you know, mentioned that he got 60 bucks. He just got $60, and I just got $10. We did the exact same time back-to-back in the same show.

    And so I went back inside and I asked the owner, Al Martin, and I said “Al, you why did you pay me $10 and you gave Todd Barry $60?” And he, you know, it was so perfect: He goes, “O, did you want a $60 spot.” It was symbolic. I didn’t need $60. But it’s … um … you know, it’s pretty shitty.

    The comedy Club owner who allegedly underpaid Silverman slammed her when he learned of her accusation and explained that she was only paid the lower rate because she was not a booked comedian but a guest who “asked to perform,” as opposed to the male performer. Silverman, in fact, was actually paid little for what 99% of stand comics do for free.

    Martin posted his outraged on Facebook:

    silverman lie (2)

    Silverman declared in a previous gender gap video for the The National Women’s Law Center’s “Equal Payback Project,”that she was getting a sex change to fight unequal pay.

    Alicia Powe

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