• Tom Hanks’ Rapper Son Threatens to Assault Howard Stern

    Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson’s son, Chester, aka Chet Haze, threatened radio shock jock Howard Stern on Twitter after Stern discredited Haze’s gangsta credentials as the privileged  son of a famous Hollywood celebrity.

    “Where’d he grow up, Beverly Hills?” said Stern. “What an (expletive) douche.”

    Stern joked that Tom Hanks “must be so annoyed” that his son pretends to be a hardened rapper while he grew up in a California suburb.

    Sterns Sirius XM counterpart Rude Jude also ranked on Chet’s rapping career during his appearance on Stern’s show.

    “It irritates the s**t out of me to see someone take that culture and appropriate it,” he said. “It’s like, come on, bro, you’re not from that. You learned how to talk from a video, dawg.”

    Stern agreed, “I understand your point about Chet Haze. He’s stealing your black culture.”

    Those remarks opened the flood gates. Haze prompting retaliated with a barrage of tweets threatening violence and calling the 61-year old America’s Got Talent judge a “f***ing Jheri curled c***t.

    “Let me come up on your show b*tch,” he tweeted. “Come catch this fade … have me live on the air and we can go pound for pound see who looks like the fool you dried up old c**t … easy to talk sh*t in a closed off room p**sy, have me up there in the studio with you let’s give the ppl what they want.”

    chehaze2         chehaze3

    chehaze1         chet1

    “People stay telling me to chill!!! You’re Tom Hanks son!!! Don’t be an embarrassment!!! Well guess what…” Hanks Jr. wrote in another tweet, “it’s my choice not to give a f** if my own parents can’t motivate me to bit my tongue what the f**k makes you think that you can?”

    His tweets were all later deleted but tracked by numerous media sites.

    Haze mocked Stern for not having as much “bread” as his family, but Stern actually has a net worth of an estimated $500 million.

    Stern responded on his radio show by joking that he would tweet to the senior Hanks and ask him to pull his son’s allowance. He also reminded Haze that he became famous without the help of an A-list actor father.

    Haze has ragged on Stern in the past. He tweeted in January, “@HowardStern you time has passed. You’re old…Only old people listen to you… The young generation doesn’t know you.”

    tom hanks

    Tom must be proud.

    hanks jr

    Alicia Powe

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    Alicia Powe is a staff writer for Daily Surge. She worked in the War Room of the Rudy Giuliani Presidential Committee and served as a White House Intern during the George W. Bush administration. Alicia has written for numerous outlets, including Human Events, Media Research Center and Townhall.com.

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