• Trump Rips ‘Our Great African American President’ on Baltimore Riots

    Celebrity real estate tycoon Trump hopped on Twitter on Tuesday to sound off about how the Baltimore riots situation was being handled.

    Never one to shy away from controversy, Trump ripped President Obama and Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake in his tweets for the unrest and because both are black many in the Twitterverse quickly labeled Trump racist.

    “Our great African American President hasn’t exactly had a positive impact on the thugs who are so happily and openly destroying Baltimore,” he tweeted.

    “The Mayor of Baltimore said she wanted to give the rioters “space to destroy” – another real genius!” he said in another tweet.

    Trump also expressed outrage by the idea of the American taxpayers having to pay to rebuild Baltimore.

    “Now that the ineffective Baltimore Police have allowed the city to be destroyed, are the U.S. taxpayers expected to rebuild it (again)?”

    Trump called on Obama to go to Baltimore and “bring both sides together.”

    “Our country has to come together. We have to start working with, and really liking, each other. The whole world is watching Baltimore…President Obama, you have a big job to do. Go to Baltimore and bring both sides together. With proper leadership, it can be done! Do it.”

    Twitter users lambasted Trump following his comments:

    Alicia Powe

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