• Unions Not Overly Impressed With Hillary Clinton

    Since announcing Sunday she will run for president, Hillary Clinton has been receiving mixed reviews from organized labor.

    “Secretary Clinton has a long and distinguished career in public service, and has been an inspiration for tens of millions of women in America and around the globe,” Richard Trumka, president of the AFL-CIO, said in a statement.

    “We hope her candidacy will contribute to the critical debate in our country over how to raise wages,” he continued.

    “We applaud Secretary Clinton’s decision to begin her campaign by going directly to voters and listening to them first,” Trumka noted. “We urge all presidential candidates, in both parties, to follow her lead. We believe she, and they, will hear an urgent need to raise wages in America, and an equally urgent need to reject corporate-driven agendas that produce everything from tax breaks for the wealthy to destructive trade agreements.”

    “Working people want to hear Secretary Clinton’s ideas on how to create a Raising Wages America. We look forward to a long and vibrant national discussion with all presidential candidates, about how to solve the problems of income inequality and improve the lives of every working person in our great country,” he concluded.

    Lee Saunders, the president of AFSCME, also came out in support of her White House bid. The union is the largest trade union of public employees in the country.

    “Secretary Clinton offered a strong message for working families in her announcement,” Saunders declared in a statement. “Voters are looking for candidates from both parties to bring serious, proven solutions to the table that level the economic playing field and ensure every American has a free and fair shot at the American Dream.”

    “Among these proven solutions is making it easier for workers to organize so that they can share in the prosperity of their own productivity,” he concluded. “America’s public service workers look forward to hearing where the candidates stand.”

    Labor unions often side with the same policies the left does and therefore are a primary contributor to Democrat campaigns. Despite this, not all within the labor movement are excited about Hillary’s run.

    “Hillary isn’t close to sealing the deal with labor,” a prominent union insider told The New York Post. “Many union leaders are afraid that without a primary Hillary won’t have to address labor’s concerns before she is nominated.”

    “And some of the unions are also hoping for an undefined alternative while others prefer Elizabeth Warren’s economic approach,’’ he continued.

    New York’s Working Families Party, a union backed group, also noted that it would rather see Warren run over Hillary.

    “The debate in this presidential campaign needs to be centered on working families’ values,” Bill Lipton, the New York State director for WFP, said in a statement to Capital New York. “That’s why we continue to encourage Senator Warren to join the field.”

    “Senator Warren is leading the national discussion on the need to level the playing field for working and middle class families and give all of us a shot at the American Dream,” he added. “These are the issues we hope Secretary Clinton will begin to address.”

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