• Unions Will Win Big By Fighting For 15

    As union members and fast food workers protests for a $15 minimum wage Wednesday, franchises are dismissing the movement as a way to mislead the public.

    “Millions of underpaid workers can’t support their families or make ends meet on hourly wages that haven’t kept pace with the bills – or their employers’ profits,” Fight for 15, the group leading the protests, said in a statement.

    “Today, fast food cashiers and cooks, retail employees, child care workers, adjunct professors, home care providers, college students, airport workers, and all of us who believe they deserve better are showing up in cities across the country to say enough,” it added.

    Though Fight for 15 is claiming it is fighting to help lower income workers, the International Franchise Association argues the protests are actually just a means to benefit its primary financial backer, the Service Employees International Union. IFA claims the protests are designed to mislead the public and policymakers from “politically-motivated” decisions by the National Labor Relations Board, particularly recently proposed rule changes to the franchise model which is expected to greatly benefit organized labor.

    “Recently disclosed financial reports unequivocally prove these protests are nothing more than union-funded public relations stunts, serving as the backbone of one of the most egregious examples of government overreach in American history,” Steve Caldeira, president of IFA, declared in a statement.

    The nationwide protests Wednesday are the latest in a series that goes back to 2012. People have gathered in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Las Vegas and many more cities across the country. The group even reports protests appearing internationally in Chile and Japan.

    “The SEIU can claim that the goal of these protests is to increase wages for workers,” Caldeira continued. “Unfortunately, the victims of the NLRB’s overreach will be the workers, which these paid protests are supposedly designed to help.”

    According to the 2014 LM-2 annual report, which was released by the Department of Labor earlier in the month, the SEIU spent millions on the Fight for 15 protests by contributing to the worker centers behind it.

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