• US Outsourcing Yemen Rescue Operation To India

    It seems there’s no limit to what type of work the U.S. will outsource to India.

    Of an estimated 400 U.S. citizens trapped in the war-torn country of Yemen, 140 were rescued by an Indian naval ship, while Saudi-led airstrikes pounded the southern port city of Aden.

    The Department of State says it has been warning Americans about the security situation in Yemen since the mid-1990s, seeking to justify why the world’s most powerful Navy wouldn’t undertake any efforts to save citizens from the hostile situation.

    Rather, the now-closed U.S. embassy in Sanaa is referring citizens to India’s rescue operations. A statement from April 11 encouraged Americans to board the Indian ship bound for Djibouti but then said, “Unfortunately we have no information on who to contact to board this ship.”

    India’s INS Tarkash evacuated more than 500 people and arrived in Djibouti today. The U.S. ambassador to the East African country tweeted about the reception, saying “Officials from US_Emb_Djibouti welcome U.S. citizens from Yemen after a long trip. We’re here to help”

    India’s operations have rescued 964 foreign nationals from 30 countries, according to The Hindu, an English-language daily. The article asks the all-important question: “why are Indian forces exposed to high risks to rescue nationals of so many countries”?

    A lawsuit has been filed against the State and Defense Departments on behalf of 41 trapped Americans for failing to launch a rescue operation. Activists created the website, stuckinyemen.com to help U.S. citizens escape Yemen in the absence of an official, government-led operation.

    Even the Russian navy has scooped up a few U.S. citizens since Saudi-led air campaign to oust Iran-backed, Shiite rebels began in late March.

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