• US Vet Fighting ISIS Says Attacks Increase As Airstrikes Cut Out

    A U.S. Army veteran who joined Kurdish forces to fight the Islamic State said attacks are increasing as American airstrikes slow.

    Jordan Matson, a Wisconsin native in his late 20s, said the Islamic State is trying to retake territory in northeastern Syria including Sari Kani and Tel Tamer in an interview with Sean Hannity Wednesday.

    “We receive attacks usually every night or every other night,” said Matson.

    Hannity asked Matson about the “60 Minutes” interview with embattled Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Assad claimed the U.S. airstrike campaign isn’t effective.

    “The bombing campaign is very sparse,” said Matson. “We get one every other week or so. NATO’s focus is more or less in Iraq itself. We really don’t see much of anything in Syria.”

    Hannity pointed out how the U.S. is providing air power for the Syrian regime, as well as for the Iran-backed militias in Iraq, while simultaneously supporting the offensive against Iran-backed rebels in Yemen.

    Referring to the situation in Iraq, Matson said, “It does quite surprise me considering Iran’s involvement against us for ten years in Iraq. And now we’re helping the same militias that supplied men that fought us.”

    Matson says the Islamic State controls an estimated one-third of territory in Syria, but the group is losing some areas in the north.


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