• WARNING: Bring Your Own Toilet Paper and Soap to Venezuela

    Venezuela is an excellent example of how wonderful socialism is.

    Coffee, milk, sugar and cooking are scarce in the South American country and the vital bathroom hygienic products, soap and toilet paper, are luxuries.

    The economic crisis has gotten so bad in this oil rich country that the President of the Chamber of Tourism of Venezuela’s state of Merida warned tourists Monday that they will have to bring their own soap and toilet paper to Meridas hotels.

    “Some service providers have to resort to this strategy because of the shortage of materials for hotels. We are going through the embarrassment of having to tell guests to bring toilet paper and soap,” the President of Tourism, Geraldo Montilla said.

    Supermarkets experience long lines of customers looking for products that are sold out before ever being placed on the shelves.

    “It’s an extreme situation,” Xinia Camacho, owner of a 20-room boutique hotel in the foothills of the Sierra Nevad national park explained. “For over a year we haven’t had toilet paper, soap, any kind of milk, coffee or sugar. So we all have to tel our guest to come prepared.”

    Venezuela has been fighting a toilet paper shortage since 2013 though this is the first time that luxury hotels have been faced with the shortage.

    “I can’t tell a foreign tourist to come to Venezuela. As soon as they get off the plane they will encounter risks,” she said.

    The Venezuelan government has been cracking down on bigger hotels that can afford to smuggle the essential goods into the country, yet hasn’t responded to complaints about the shortage.The government under socialist President Nicolas Maduro, in fact, has taken no responsibility regarding the severe scarcity plaguing the country since the tenure of Chavez, but instead blames his country’s economic woes on the United States.

    Despite having one of the world’s larges oil reserves, the OPEC nation has been plagued with crippling inflation and periodic shortages of consumer goods since price controls were imposed in 2003 under the late socialist Hugo Chavez.

    The government nationalized a toilet paper factory in September 2013 in an attempt to hasten production of the necessary good, but that appeared to worsen the shortage. Nationalization and extensive social programs have created large imbalances that harmed the economy and led to shortages in the first place.

    The people may not have toilet paper, but it’s defense capabilities are growing. President Nicolas Maduro is ramping up military purchases from China and Russia. The country remains the top importer in all of Latin America, buying more weapons that far larger nations.

    Along with the shortages, Venezuela has suffered from widespread power outages, rampant crime in the capital and political unrest following last month’s presidential election.

    The next time one of your liberal friends praises socialism, give them a roll of toilet paper,  a bar of soap and trip to Venezuela.

    Alicia Powe

    Staff Writer

    Alicia Powe is a staff writer for Daily Surge. She worked in the War Room of the Rudy Giuliani Presidential Committee and served as a White House Intern during the George W. Bush administration. Alicia has written for numerous outlets, including Human Events, Media Research Center and Townhall.com.

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