• DC Lawyer Couple Heads To Court For Brutal ‘Torture Session’ On Former Boss

    A married lawyer couple from the District of Columbia is headed back to court Tuesday for breaking into the home of the wife’s former boss and torturing him and his wife.

    Back in November, Andrew, 31, and Alecia Schmuhl, 30, allegedly abducted and nearly beat to death her former boss in what prosecutors called an “hours-long torture session” after she was fired from a local law firm, WJLA reported.

    After leading police on a wild, four-mile long chase, the couple was eventually captured. Police found Andrew Schmuhl wearing nothing but a diaper and carrying a gun, a taser, his own bloody clothes and a police uniform he had used as a disguise to gain access to the house.

    The whole ordeal began earlier that night on Nov. 9, according to The Washington Post, when Andrew Schmuhl, dressed as a police officer, approached the home of Leo Fisher and Susan Duncan, both 61.

    When Fisher opened the door, Schmuhl pulled out a taser and stunned Fisher before handcuffing him and his wife and putting them in their bathroom.

    Andrew Schmuhl then held the couple hostage in their bathroom over the next several hours and threatened, beat and stabbed them in the face and upper body while his wife waited for him in the car.

    Andrew Schmuhl allegedly forced Fisher to go to his computer to retrieve personal records about people who work at the law firm. While the two were preoccupied, Duncan somehow managed to make her way out of the bathroom to hit an alarm in the house, signalling police, and Schmuhl fired shots at her before the Schmuhls fled.

    When police arrived on scene, Fisher gave them a “dying declaration” with a description of the attackers. Police eventually caught them about 30 minutes later after the high speed chase on a highway near the couple’s McClean, Va. house.

    The couple survived the attack and they are still recovering from their wounds, according to a statement from Fisher’s law firm, Bean, Kinney & Korman.

    “Their recovery has been heartening and we remain committed to doing everything necessary to help the healing process. Leo and Sue are enormously grateful to the many, many people who have offered their encouragement, prayers and well wishes throughout this difficult time,” the statement read.

    The Schmuhls are facing two counts of abduction and malicious wounding, which carry penalties of up to 20 years in prison.

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