• DC Man Leaves MONSTER Tip On Order Of Fried Chicken

    An anonymous man in Washington, D.C. must must have a deep appreciation for fried chicken and gumbo, because Monday night he left a his waitress a really big tip — $2,000 on a $93 order.

    The man is known as regular guest and a generous tipper at Blue 44, a restaurant in Northwest D.C., but he has never left a tip quite that big before, WJLA reported.

    Monster tip for gumbo

    The customer, who wanted to remain anonymous, and his friend ordered the Monday night special, a three-course meal of salad, fried chicken and dessert, along with gumbo and a few beers.

    Before leaving the man asked for some extra gumbo to go and left the huge tip, which the waitress said she didn’t even see until she was closing later that night.

    The customer recently emailed the owner at the restaurant, Christofer Nardelli, asking about beer and food pairings, and Nardelli asked about the next time he would be in so he could make his favorite gumbo, according to The Washington Post.

    The anonymous tipper said he would be in on Monday and the chef prepared the gumbo for him.

    The day after receiving the monster tip, Nardelli emailed the mystery diner to say thank you, and he told Nardelli he was happy to be a customer and he just wanted to express his gratitude.

    The tip was split up between Nardelli, the bartender, Laura Dally and Chef James Turner. Nardelli and Dally both got $500 and Turner got $1,000.

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