• DC Quadruple Murder Suspect Arrested

    Daron Dylon Wint, a suspect last week’s brutal quadruple homicide of a prominent D.C. family, was apprehended late Thursday night by Washington police.

    ABC’s Jennifer Donelan described the incredible scene of Wint’s capture Thursday night, “As I approached, the entire street was shut down on both sides and it was a sea of U.S. Marshals and D.C police officers. The white car in which Wint was passenger, according to sources, was completely surrounded.”

    Wint is the first and thus far only person named as a possible participant in the brutal murder of millionaire businessman Savvas Savopoulos, along with his wife Amy, 10-year-old son Philip, and housekeeper Veralicia Figueroa. Wint was identified via DNA found on a Domino’s pizza crust inside the family’s partially burned-out home.

    Authorities believe that Wint initially left town and headed for New York City, WJLA News reports, as a girlfriend of his told police he had arrived there by bus Wednesday night. However, he appears to have doubled back to Washington, and police made the arrest at about 11:00 PM in northeastern D.C. near a Home Depot shopping center.

    Rob Fernandez of the U.S. Marshals told reporters on Thursday that authorities had tracked Wint to Brooklyn on Wednesday, but had “barely missed him.”

    According to MyFoxDC, a local D.C. fugitive task force located Wint in the parking lot of a Howard Johnson Inn in College Park, Maryland. He left the lot as a passenger in a white sedan that was following a larger box truck. Police tailed the small convoy into the city until they had an opportunity to block in the vehicles.

    Wint is to be charged with felony murder while armed, police said.

    Besides Wint, police also arrested several other people, including Wint’s brother who was reportedly caught at the wheel of the box truck. Police reportedly seized a large sum of cash inside the truck as well. Whether that pile of cash includes any of the $40,000 dropped off at the Savopoulos house shortly before their deaths is currently unknown.

    The mass arrest adds to the intrigue of the dreadful crime, whose details are still being pieced together. Police haven’t revealed a possible motive for the attack, but they have said that at some point in the past Wint worked as a laborer for American Iron Works, the company Savvas was CEO of.

    While Wint is the only named suspect, police believe others may have participated in the crime, and that the killers held the Savopoulos household hostage for over ten hours. During that period, they ordered pizza, had the family keep others away from the house, and possibly tortured Philip in order to extort money from the family.

    Wint, 34, was born in Guyana and moved to the U.S. at 20. He briefly served in the Marine Corps before being medically discharged and has worked a series of jobs since then. He also has a lengthy rap sheet that includes arrests for domestic violence, burglary, and assault, which allowed police to match his DNA to the pizza crust, as Maryland takes DNA samples from everybody arrested in a violent crime.

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