• DC’s ‘King Of Metal’ Doug Davenport Does It Again

    Back in August of 2014, we at Daily Surge coined Doug Davenport DC’s official Metal King.  Since then, His Highness, has been extremely busy expanding his rock-n-roll empire.

    In addition to his decked out Sprinter Van for attending concerts in style, Doug Davenport recently announced that he is launching a DC-based music label, which is aptly named “Across The Aisle” records.  And late last week, he hosted VH1 and Sirius/XM’s Eddie Trunk, from That Metal Show, for a rainy Thursday concert at his absolutely absurd rock-n-roll man-cave with one of the premiere Black Sabbath cover bands to warm everyone up for this weekend’s M3 Rock Festival.

    Doug and Trunk

    (Davenport and Sirius/XM’s Eddie Trunk)

    This is the second time our Daily Surge spy has attended a show at the Altar of Davenport.  The first show was with Billy Idol’s band.  What can we say, Dougie Doug has weaved his way into the music scene as effectively as he has in the halls of Congress.

    But the question remains, did anyone Stump the Trunk ?  Yes, one person.  Todd “CBGB” Boulanger who reached back to his punk rock roots with a question regarding Metallica covering Misfits tunes.  While Eddie got the songs, he couldn’t name which albums they appeared on.  Needless to say, he was impressed and stumped.


    (Doug Davenport, Tawny Katean, and Chris “Axeman” Assenmacher)

    Spotted at the handpicked affair: Sean “Machine Gun” Spicer; John “Pantera” Murray; Justin “All Angles” Peterson; Taylor “Kiss Live” Gross; Nick “What Can Brown Do For You” Lewis; Teddy “Baseball” Prill; Andy “The Blue Devil” Taylor; Elliot “The Counselor” Burke; Mike “The Fist” Ference and many, many others.

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