• Infant Swaddled With ISIS Flag And Cozied Up To Grenade and Handgun

    A photograph of a baby in Islamic State territory has emerged online, purportedly released by an activist in Syria.

    The sleeping baby is swaddled and covered by the Islamic State flag. It is surrounded by a handgun and a grenade, propped up on a pink pillow. There appears to be a camouflage bag lying on the same pillow. Anti-Islamic State activist group, Raqqa Is Being Slaughtered Silently, reported on the photograph’s existence.

    Abu Ward Al-Raqqawi, a founder of the group, tweeted an earlier picture of a newborn next a purported Islamic State birth certificate, handgun and grenade in April. Raqqawi wrote, “#ISIS issued ID for a child. Name: Jrah. Dad: Abu Jrah. Mom: Om Jrah. This child will be [a] risk to you not just to us.” (PHOTOS: This Is An Actual ISIS Birth Certificate)

    ISIS baby

    A third photograph shows a baby lying on an Islamic State flag with a Kalashnikov, pistol and at least four grenades.

    ISIS child

    The Islamic State has exploited children for its social media-driven, propaganda campaign to shock Western audiences about its level of brutality. Videos have shown kids executing alleged Russian spies and a purported Mossad agent. Another video featured a jihadi training camp for boys.

    Australian jihadi Khaled Sharrouf tweeted a photograph of his young son holding a severed head, captioned, “That’s my boy!” in August of 2014.

    ISIS child 1


    Sharrouf uploaded a picture with his young sons decked out in camouflage and holding machine guns, the Islamic State flag draped in the background.


    ISIS child 2


    The Australian jihadi, purportedly fighting with the Islamic State in Syria, uploaded a picture of a boy with what looks like a submachine gun on Twitter.

    Sharrouf's Twitter.jpg


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