• Osama Bin Laden’s Solution To Global Warming: Praise Allah

    Newly declassified documents show that former Al Qaida leader Osama bin Laden was really worried about global warming, but the enigmatic terrorist leader didn’t have green energy to reduce carbon dioxide in mind for solving the problem.

    According to one declassified letter written by bin Laden, the Al Qaida founder thought conventional efforts to provide aid to those afflicted by natural disasters went against Muslim “faith and correct deeds.”

    Basically, bin Laden wrote that global warming “is a plague or suffering from Allah Almighty” and that the “first solution” was to be faithful and live life in accordance with Allah’s will.

    “Effects associated with the enormous climate changes… using such expression without mentioning the view of Shari’ah concerning earthquakes and discord seems purely Western,” bin Laden wrote. “The secularists maintain that these are natural disasters we must confront. In other words, they are saying, we are able to stand up to Allah and confront His judgment and they have neglected what is stated in the Qur’an concerning these events.”

    “Relief work is mentioned as the only solution for these disasters, without warning that it is a plague or suffering from Allah Almighty, and the first solution is faith and correct deeds,” bin Laden continued. “One of the correct deeds is assisting Muslims.”

    The letter seems to have been written after the 2010 Pakistan floods, which devastated large parts of the country, left thousands homeless and caused at least hundreds of millions of dollars in damage. Bin Laden’s letter is an attempt to rouse Muslims to subvert United Nations-sanctioned aid structures to get relief to their brothers — but not to Christians or Hindus. The former terror leader warned that UN-sanctioned aid was in conflict with Islamic principles and should not be used by faithful Muslims.

    Why? Bin Laden basically warned against giving aid to Christians, Hindus and not being able to discriminate against women who didn’t wear headscarves or burkas.

    “They even have to prove that their intentions are not incompatible with the United Nations laws pertaining to nondiscrimination based on religion, while every now and then have to provide assistance to non-Muslims, and hand-out gifts to and help Christians in their religious holidays!!” bin Laden noted with horror.

    “They also have to provide aid to the poor Hindus, and are required to hire a certain percentage of females in compliance with the principles set forth by the United Nations that prohibit discrimination based on gender,” the now-deceased terrorist wrote.

    “Thus, no restriction for how females dress or appear is permitted,” he added. “So, I have seen their females during Pakistani earthquake relief work, no different than the Western females, despite the fact that they are British Muslims who have Pakistani origins.”

    Bin Laden noted that in “Pakistan, they are wearing tight pants, full makeup and are running side by side with men.” Women’s independence didn’t sit well with the man.

    “Despite all of the above, the brother in charge claims it to be ‘Islamic’ work. Neither could the principles of the relief organizations possibly be Islamic nor could the services it provides possibly be good for Muslims and according to their needs, so how could we possibly call for establishing a distinct relief organization!?” bin Laden added.

    “Performing field studies and food-security development projects and establishing the pipes’ networks, all of the above while there is no single Islamic state on the face of the earth, appears to be peculiar. So does the reality of Muslims permit them to accomplish this?” bin Laden wrote.

    “That they resolve and confront the natural disasters — while such is basically both affliction and torture by Allah — having in mind that they have got no right to implement the rule of Shari’ah in their lands. Again and again, I have been thinking but could not reconcile my thoughts,” he said. “What is stated in the speech seems to be discussing a very advanced phase and is assuming the Islamic state is actually established in one country, but advice is offered to another.”

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