• Union Praises Hillary For Immigration Stance

    The Service Employees International Union praised Democrat presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton Tuesday for her stance on immigration.

    “Hillary Clinton is right: it’s time for, in her words, a ‘full and equal path to citizenship’ that will bring immigrants out of the shadows to become engaged participants in our communities and in our economy,” SEIU International President Mary Kay Henry said in a statement.

    Labor unions are major contributors during elections, especially in favor of Democrats. As Hillary continues forward in her presidential campaign, union support will be very important, and issues as prominent as immigration could help, or hurt, her greatly.

    “Immigrant justice is a moral imperative that must be a priority for candidates in 2016,” Henry continued. “And working people will hold accountable any politicians who defend the idea of second-class status for millions of immigrants in this nation of immigrants.”

    During the 2012 presidential election, the SEIU alone spent $13,261,412 according to Open Secrets. Organized labor as a whole was among the top donors for Democrats.

    Sources for her campaign confirmed she will detail a plan that focus on a pathway to citizenship as part of comprehensive immigration reform, according to ABC News. The Hispanic vote already is widely considered to favor the left.

    “She will say that the standard for a true solution is nothing less than a full and equal path to citizenship,” the official said. “She will say that we cannot settle for proposals that provide hard-working people with merely a ‘second-class’ status.”

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